I'm disapponited...

Well my boyfriend is a really smart guy. He get’s distracted a lot! He’s been through a lot this year. He got kicked out of his house.. His mom had to choose between him or her boyfriend. And she picked her boyfriend. His dad back in Mexico almost died from an accident and just other bull.

He didn’t have a good report card first term. And he’s in grade 11 now moving to 12. I talked to him and he promised he would try to get a better report card in June. But, the only thing he passed was a 70 in English. I didn’t yell at him because he told me he’s going to summer school for a grade 9 math class. ( hes not good at math ). And I didn’t get mad because everyone has weakness and strengths. No one’s perfect right? NOW I found out he missed 4 days! Today was the FINAL EXAM. I talked to him and the first miss was reasonable. The second time he wasn’t feeling well but he went to the school and told them. The third time, I don’t even know and today I don’t even know! I’m very disappointed and I’m hurt. He’s a smart boy he really is. But all he does is TALK!

I don’t know what to do. I always try my best to help him out.. But he’s going to be in grade 12 in September and I’m going to be starting grade 10. I’m a straight A student. And he’s smarter than me! I don’t understand. I love him a lot so I don’t want to leave him but I’m scared of him not getting accepted into college… I want a happy life with us having 2 amazing jobs but I’m losing faith. He had a chance to pass math but he didn’t even go! He failed.

What do I know? I can’t leave him because I love him but I can’t live with this! I don’t want to work on my own for the both of us. I want us to BOTH go to college but this putting more stress on me..

Thank you

Answer #1

Thank you, but I don’t understand the part where you said I wasn’t going to support him? I re-read it to see if I made a mistake but didn’t say anything about me not supporting him. I always do!

Answer #2

I guess you could say you will break up with him if he does not at least try. Tell him that you know it is harder for some people more than others but you just want the best for him and you do not want him to stand in the way of his own success. It almost seems like your only thinking of yourself when you say that you don’t want to support him but I sorta understand why you would not want that. Ask him if he wants to work at a fast food restrant for the rest of his life and how you guys are going to live any place of your own if you have no money. You can not make him try but can make him see why he needs to try.

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