If I'm not pregnant, where is my period?

I took a home pregnancy test and I got the results back as negative, I’m not pregnant apparently; but I still haven’t started my period! I’m usually right on time every month. If someone isn’t use to having sex in a while and then starts again, could it have something to do with delaying your period? or I’ve heard that sometimes your mind is so powerful that if you think you’re pregnant you could possibly not have your period that month, is that a myth?

Answer #1

relax same thing happened to me like 3 times lol its normal and the body shows ur stress in different forms .

Answer #2

i had the same a few weeks ago, im always on time but my period was over a week late i took a home pregnancy test which came back negative but i still hadnt come on, i went to my doctor who did a test, the result takes three days to come back, the next day i came on. My period was late because i was really stressed, i had just moved into a new home. Is there anything that you are worried about which could make this happen? I think you should go to your doctor just to make sure your not pregnant, try not to worry as worrying wont help your period, and Im not sure if you think or pregnant your period wont come, sorry.

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