What if I don't want to take medication for my disorder?

I found out that I am bipolar and I’m depressed. My doctor tells me I have to take pills and stuff but I don’t want to. What do I do?

Answer #1

I really dont think depressed people should take pills. I think they should try and work their way through it.. my friend had anti-depressants, she was so sad one night she took them all and had an overdose, she got rushed to the hospital and was there for about a week, shes out now but I could of been a lot worse.

Answer #2

Dear Jen, First of all Bipoloar is not a disease like other physical diseases such as diabetes, emphizema etc…. For a doctor to tell you that you have a “disease” in the brain, (bipoloar) they must be able to show you what that of a normal brain looks like, and compare that to your test. If you have diabetes the doctor does a few tests and finds the physical abnormality. They are able to show you what it should be and then through the tests show you where you are, and through medication where you will be.. The fact that you are in deppressed moods sometime and happy moods other times does not mean you have any type of physical dissorder….Remember medication is a physical form of treatment….The medication goes into the physical body, finds the physical abnormality and attacks it to remedy the disease. I guarantee that if you ask your doctor to show you the physical evidence that you have a physical disease in the brain.he will not be able to do it.. They may explain how this is a “different” type of disease. Really try and listen to your feelings….The times you are happy, try and find out why… Did you get extra sleep, or are you eating really good. Do the same when you get in bad moods..what are you doing. Funmail me and we can talk more….OK? Got to go This is to much for now. Familycoach

Answer #3

Dear jenjen93, Being bipoloar is a condition just like any other such as diabetes. You need your medication to stay healthy. I also suggest counselling along with your meds. It does help to understand your condition and how to control it better. Sue….good luck

Answer #4

Just because some people out there do that doesnt mean everyone does. I did the same thing, I stopped taking the pills a few dyas before. Even if someones trying to work through it without pills, if they’re depressed enough, and theres something dangerous laying around, they’d go for it. Pills just kinda balance things out. They had to take me off mine because of all that…and my balance has crashed, mood swings and upset feelings constantly. I liked the pills they helped a bit, its weird though, they made me feel happy when I didnt want to be…anyways sorry off-topice.

They thought at the beginning I was bipolar. But after awhile of going thru a bunch of stuff, they put me on anti-depressants, a couple months ago, I was like…I dont want to take these. I wont tell you to pretend to take them (where you say to your parents or friends or your doctor, whoever your living with ,talking to, or being helped by that your taking them when really your not) waste of money and time, and if things get out of hand who knows, one night that bottle of pills might start looking good to you.

On the other hand tell your doctor your not comfortable with taking pills or you don’t like pills or something, I know sometimes it’s hard to say things to them like that but not too many options…

Answer #5

If you are bi-polar it is not a disease. First of all stay away from doctors, all they can do is prescribe medicine. Most of the doctors in this country don’t don’t anything about healing the body. They just guess. A lot of your problem is in your nutrition. If you eat healthy, stay away from the sugar, dairy products, salt, coffee and dead, diseased, dying, and disabled animals. You will get well and your body will continue to improve. There is this old saying “Let your Food be your medicine, and let your medicine be your Food”. Good luck. I have a friend who was bi-polar and now he is eating the way the Lord intended food to be eaten.

Answer #6

The disorder runs in families. More than two-thirds of people with bipolar disorder have at least one close relative with the disorder or with unipolar major depression. Much like other disorders affecting families such as diabetes etc. Studies seeking to identify the genetic basis of bipolar disorder indicate that susceptibility stems from multiple genes. Scientists are continuing their search for these genes, using advanced genetic analytic methods and large samples of families affected by the illness. The researchers are hopeful that identification of susceptibility genes for bipolar disorder, and the brain proteins they code for, will make it possible to develop better treatments and preventive interventions targeted at the underlying illness process. Sue

Answer #7

i am bipolar too. i take antidepressants, and seroquel for being bipolar. its nothin. you will get off the meds soon if you do good and stuff but it dont mean youy crazy or nothin, it jus means that you need a boost.

Answer #8

Hi, my brother is Bipolar. And He has to take pills too. You really should, It helps my brother alot.

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