I'm a voice actor for a machinima thing

A machinima is a video compiled of game play, with sounds, voices and music added to it for entertainment.

My boyfriends friend is making one for the game of Super Smash Brothers Brawl, called “BrawlTARDED”

I’m a voice actor for Peach, Princess Zelda, and Zero suit Samus… Yes nerdy indeed. But I need an idea as to what Zelda sounds like…

If you’ve played Legend of Zelda, your subconscious mind makes voices for characters… whast do you think she sounds like?

Answer #1

I LOVE U!!! lol

Answer #2

Am Nerdy, ^_^

but its what I live for… All of us whoa re doing this actually live for it…

Heres the first episode if ya wanna watch


Answer #3

She’s probably either very husky or very womanly… like a Buffy thing xD Lol. Like “So, I don’t wanna get guts all over my dress but like… I kinda have to… DARN! OMG! I broke a FREAKING nail!!!” Hehe. Not nerdy my love. <3

Answer #4

I love machinima! I dont do vioces tho.

Zelda sounds light toned. Not a deep voice if thats what you think.

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