How can I express to him that I love him?

i love my man alot but he never wants to talk on the phone with me. he is always gone and he gets attitudes very quick. i think that if i tell him how i feel that he would change a little. i want to tell him how much i love him but i dont know how. how can i tell him my feelings? its harder than it seems

Answer #1

13 days ago, you were in a dilema because you couldnt choose which boy to date…now your involved with one sexually ALREADY? Hun> You are moving wayyyy to fast. SLOW DOWN! Relationships take time to grow. It doesnt just happen in days! You dont need to tell him yet, you’ll probably scare him away. He doesnt sound like hes all that into you anyway when he never wants to talk on the phone with you, and he has an attitude. You need to wake up to the fact that maybe he doesnt truly feel the same about you as you do him! I mean when a girl gives in to sex so soon…its hard to tell if its the person he wants or just the sex!!! Guys rarely get their emotions involved when they have sex with a girl, meaning they can have sex with multiple partners and they dont develop feelings for them. (until the right one comes along)When a girl has sex with a boy, then tend to get very emotional with him, and when he breaks up with her, shes devastated! Thats why you should NEVER give into sex so soon into a relationship. For one thing>he will NOT respect you. Thats why hes so rude to you! You have to earn respect from boys, and if you dont start having respect for yourself…no one will!!!

Answer #2

i have been talking to him since january and and we just started sex this month, and i do love him, he dont know that and i know hes not just there for sex because hes not the one who want sex, i do sometimes, but he told me he love but i just want to confirm that it is right, and i found out that he didnt want to talk because his family member died and he dont want to take his anger out on me. but we talked and we got everything straight. the other boy i liked, i let him go because me and the one that i am with now is my man and i love him. and we didnt have sex to soon.

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