I like this guy what to do

Ok I like this guy sometimes he hugs me and says hi and he is in a dance and they jump of stage and spin a person in the audeince he asked me if he can spin me around I said yes then he didnt spin me around so I felt he didnt like me them he did it again to me but sometimes he acts like im not alive what should I do

Ps he is one grade a head of me

Answer #1

you should just move on hes givein you mixed signals or hes trying you mad pretty I think you could have any guy hes just dumb to realize that pretty girl like you likes him dont worry theres other dudes out there that whould lucky to be with you my name is danny by the way stay up gorgeous

Answer #2

I think you should talk to him more. Get a better feel for him. If you like him..and he does not already have a girlfriend, then get him to notice you more. Talk to him more. But dont be to much in his face.

If you need anymore help just fun mail mee. Good luck =D

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