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Should I keep trying to get her to go out with me?

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We are friends and have been for years. I've liked her for as long as I've known her. every year we do something more and more physical, and about 4 years ago she kissed me, and she knew I had never been kissed before. and maybe about 2 years ago she liked me... Now this year my brother, his girlfriend, my friend alex, me and her were in her tent.. alex fell asleep and her and I cuddled fer a while then she suddenly got on top of me.. at first it was a lit strange but I got use to it her and I just messed around and had fun but DID NOT have s*x. I asked her bestfriend if Emily liked me and she said no. What should I do? Should Keep Trying To Go Out With Her Or Keep With What Is Going On Or What.? please help me...

Thanx korey