Should i keep trying to get her to go out with me?

We are friends and have been for years. I've liked her for as long as I've known her. every year we do something more and more physical, and about 4 years ago she kissed me, and she knew I had never been kissed before. and maybe about 2 years ago she liked me... Now this year my brother, his girlfriend, my friend alex, me and her were in her tent.. alex fell asleep and her and I cuddled fer a while then she suddenly got on top of me.. at first it was a lit strange but I got use to it her and I just messed around and had fun but DID NOT have s*x. I asked her bestfriend if Emily liked me and she said no. What should I do? Should Keep Trying To Go Out With Her Or Keep With What Is Going On Or What.? please help me...

Thanx korey

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first I say tell her because if you wait too long it might just be the whole friends with benefits playing card but also it seems like there is chemistry so you have a low chance of rejection I say start by a date then after a few get serious thats all I can say and good luck

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I'm so lost in your situation... Camp Ground?
Anywayss.. Fun Message me.. thats all I know how to do..
just joined tonight lol

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I think your best bet it just to ask her, thats what I would want...and if she likes to mess around with you then she obviously likes you for something...and if its just a physical thing would that be so bad? I know I've had purely physical relationships and they worked out...just be careful everyone knows the deal and nobody gets preggers :D

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Ignore the best friend. She could be jealous or just have no clue.
Dude you have to figure out is risking what you have now worth it?
Girls are moody maybe she was horny and wanted it maybe she was just playing around. It sounds like she does like you but if you keep half assing it some other guy will come along. Go for it if she dont like it she will say no if she does you'll both be happy.

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Personally, I dont think she sees you as anything more than a friend with benefits. Just someone to fool around with. Shes probably comfortable with you, so she acts on it. If you just want to have some fun, then go for it, but I dont think it'll be anything more than that. My guess is, if she didnt have to go along to the camp grounds, she probably wouldnt. So that right there tells me exactly how she really feels about you.

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Let her make the move.. unless you have no other girls to have fun with?

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