What if my big crush has a girlfriend?

I like this guy and have for about a year and he currently has a girlffriend they have been going out for about 3 weeks and he looks at me but dosent talk to me and if he sees me then he goes the other way ot talkse to someone else!!!!!! And he gets nervous around me and he told my friend that he has a girlfriend but she was not supposed to tell me because he was afraid to hurt me!!!!!

So does he like me or does he just wanna be friends what do u think?????

Answer #1

wow idk

Answer #2

Well… he has a girfriend, so why does it matter?

Answer #3

i agree with angelfire2708

Answer #4

wow idk

Answer #5

He has a gf, he doesnt talk to you, when he sees you he goes the other way, and talks to someone else…id say NO!

A guy who likes you ,would not have a gf, and would definitely want to talk to you.

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