I like 2 help out people.what is somthing I could study 4 in college?

im hopefully starting college in Aug I still dont know what I want 2 sutdy 4.I have 1 thing in my mind that I want 2 be and itz a social woker.I like 2 help out people with there problems & I also want somthing that pays good.what is somthing that I can study?help me out please!

Answer #1

everyting that above people have said. If you’re living in the UK and are under 19 I would recomend seeing a connectionz advisor who can help you go in the right direction with your career.

Answer #2

Marbles summed up everything I was going to say. In general the helping professions tend not to pay too well. Even organizations that help people tend not to be as profitable as those that are purely for profit. So really, you gotta decide what is more important to you. And if that is financial security, then there’s nothing wrong with that… If you’re interested in the field of psychology, it tends to be a little more profitable than social work, but again, you dont become a psychologist for the money…

Answer #3

you could study to become a doctor (helps sick people and gets paid lots), a nurse (same thing, but in a hospital but doesnt get as much money as what a doctor would get), a vet (helps animals), a counseller at a school (helps kids that are sad, upset, hurt, angry, etc.) a social worker as you said, an accountant (looks after peoples tax and money), a dentist (looks after and monitors/checks people’s teeth, and anything else in between. also, like the doctor, gets paid lots of money). today, there are lots more choices than what there used to be. an adult could suggest a job/career to you aswell. good luck.

Answer #4

My dear - first you have to figure out which is more important to you: making a lot of money or helping people. Because generally, the jobs that genuinely help people the most don’t make much money and jobs that make lots of money usually hurt people.

While you are studying social work, you will get more ideas on how to apply it. If you intern, you can see all the different jobs people have at places that help people.

You could take something on business management so you can help run an organization that helps people. Maybe get into “social entrepreneurship”.

If you truly intend to help people, you will.

Answer #5

psychology (helping individuals), sociology (helping and understanding society as a whole but yet indiviuality based on their enviroment and background), psychiatrist (speaking and understanding inividuals with their individual isues), pediatrition (helping children 12 and under), criminal justice (enforcing the law), veterinarian (helping animals), biotechnology (using cells and living things to find cures for disease, ending world hunger, and bettering health. You can even assist in murders by studying the body and finding forensic evidence.)Almost anything you do will better help others. (THE NEED 4 BIOTECHNOLOGIST IS A RUSH AND PAYS AVERAGING $47,000 A YEAR ENTRY LEVEL. THATS $3,916.67 A MONTH AND IF YOUR BETTER SKILLED IT COULD PAY $60,000! THATS $5000 A MONTH! SO if you like helping people and the money is there, (not that money is everything), you might consider this.

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