do you think the prolifers are hypocrites?

I can go either way on this…I mean before I had a child iIdidnt care if people went out and had an abortion or not but I mean its their life what they do but if someone came and asked me now what they should do I would explain to them how a fetus to me is a baby at 8 weeks because I know and have experienced life inside me. I just dont get how prolifers…like the extreme kind are sooo mean and horrible and try to pretend they are religious but they are harrassing others. I went with my friend tothe doctors which they also happened to do abortions there. Some people were waiting outside and started to harrass my friend and they started saying how she is a satan follower and how god still loved her and stuff like that. I hear all the time about how people get shot infront of abortion clinics. What I just dont get is, if prolifers believe that it is not ok to have an abortion because it is murder then why do they feel it is okay to shoot and kill people who are going to have an abortion because well what they are doing is murder as well right? two murderd if you think about it because they are killing the babies when they kill the mothers. What are your guys opinions on this…do you think the prolifers are hypocrites?

Answer #1

not all do. I am PRO-LIFE ALL THE WAY! rape is not acceptable to abort. you don’t really realize what it is to get pregnant from rape until it happens. it is still a baby, and it still deserves a chance to live. if I was to get pregnant out of rape right now, I would keep the baby, or give it up for adoption. there are sooo many people in the u.s. who can not have kids and would take your baby :) look into it anyone who is undecided! like on juno, you could give the baby to someone who totally needs it!

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You make it sound as though there are shootings at abortion clincs every day. On the worst case cenario there have been 10 in the last 30 years. That is still too many. One is too many. You decided that the life inside of you should live - good for you. I dont understand how we can water down the value of human life inside the womb yet spend millions on a serial killer on death row keeping him alive. Also I new a man who’s daughter was raped and she kept her baby to the protest of the father. he said when he looked into that chils eyes he absolutey fell in love. That child deserves a chance. He did nothing wrong. Give em up for adoption. If child birth didnt hurt so much would there be so many?

Answer #3

Not once did you refer or state, do you think SOME pro-lifers are hypocrites. So you in fact didn’t state your question properly.

Answer #4

What are your guys opinions on this…do you think the prolifers are hypocrites?

Next time PROPERLY state your questions. This does not imply that you are asking about the extreme pro lifers being hypocrites. So everyone on here DID IN FACT answer your question.

Answer #5

you guys need to actually read what I wrote becuse clearly none of you guys did…read it again..all of it…you will see that I was talking about the extreme prolifers who murder the mother who is still pregnant so they are committing two murders I was not talking about all of them. also dont say this “we” stuff because if you also read what I had writtin through out this whole this I said I was a prolifer. I just believe the extreme prolifers who murder are hypocrits because they say abortion is murder but then they kill the mother when she is still pregnant. thats what I was talking about.

Answer #6

Extremeists…in any walk of life, are ugly…but they are such a small minority…why let such a small number of people get to ya?


Answer #7

Umm No I Do NOT think they are. first of all Life is a BEAUTIFUL thing. Its important that you keep gods creation. There are VERY rare cases of rape in america. Also People may also think that we are because prolife people are usally repub. so people say that were hypocrites because we belive in the death penalty well the thing is, people given lives screw up bad and should be put to death. However BABYS wouldnt do a thing. There not given a chance at life. So no we are not.

Answer #8

it depends how they got pregnant in the first place, for example: rape is it acceptable to abort

According to who? What about if the pregnancy was accidental, or if the baby isn’t developing properly, to many situations to say what is acceptable.

I think that the majority (not all) of them are hypocritical.

It’s selfish and hypocritical to not give someone else a choice about what to do with their bodies and their lives. Also they don’t care if that child has to starve after they are born or if they die because of the situation they are in, they just care about it before it is born.

Answer #9

It’s very rare but there are few cooks out there. For the most part, I side with those that are against it. I wouldn’t stand outside a clinic and point the finger though. That’s kind of foreign to me. However, I do know that most clinics are making a ton of cash through aborting children. Therefore I can see how some compare it to a death camp. There are more children killed in those clinics than there ever were in a Nazi camps though. So if anything it’s actually worse than a Nazi camp. In days of old sometimes woman would drown their babies because they were unable to feed them. Same thing.

Answer #10

you need to stop posting that everywhere because you arent allowed to post links and you will be banned and because you keep doing it I am going to report your post.

Answer #11

not if you read my paragraph…which has more questions in there.

Answer #12

That does make perfect sense I found this website that a prolife group made and they refered to abortion clinics as a nazi concentration camp which ia horrible thing to do first off and they would explain the whole abortion thing and they would put down the tools the doctors use as instruments as death…they get all worked into it and trying to close down the abortion clincis. They were like successful closures of abortion clinics that we helped happen.

Answer #13

yes I believe that is as well as incest…I personally dont care if someone goes out and gets an abortion because it is their body but I myself know that I would not be able to have one…I just really dont get why prolifers shoot the mothers after saying that abortion is murder…and this is before the mother has the abortion as well. that was really my question.

Answer #14

Lol, interesting question.

I think that they don’t really care about the unborn babies. I think that they mostly just use it as an excuse to get rallied up and do something they couldn’t normally do.

That’s just my opinion, though. I think this is the reason that almost all organized protests such as these happen. Including religous ones.

Answer #15

yeah thats what I meant the extreme ones not all of them are life that and I’m not against prolifers since I am once myself…just the extreme prolifers are the ones I am against.

Answer #16

it depends how they got pregnant in the first place, for example: rape is it acceptable to abort

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