How to get treated for this std when i can't leave the house?

I have std what shoul I do?I cant go to the doctor...because am from very conservative family..I cant go outside without my parents..please help m going to die m too tensed

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Ok Rasha I agree with mysticunicrn in most cases women don't show any symptoms when they catch STD's. If you wear too tight undewear, use soap with a lot of deodarant, or wipe yourself the wrong way you can possibly have a yeast infection. Try to ask a friend to go to Walmart or something a get you some yeast infection medicince. Try that if that doesn't help, If that doesn't help you may need to sneak off to the Dr. just the way you found time to have sex and get it checked. The longer you wait the more pain you will be in and the condition will worsen. Please try to do something because you dont know what's going on be safe please because you must be really young. Ask me any questions you need to. Please dont have sex with that person anymore. The Dr once told me to be careful who you have sex with because he could be having sex with anothher girl and she could be having sex with another boy and it just goes on and on. Be careful sweetie

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Hi rasha,
I understand that you may have particular difficulties to get support with this, especially due to the cultural differences in your society compared to that in the USA or here in Britain that are more open with these matters, especially where women are concerned.

I dont have enough knowledge of your culture to advise other than to suggest you try and get to the doctors with some female friends or tell your parents you have stomach pains or something so you can see him.

Also, I agree with previous advice that an itch does not mean an STD. This could be a very common infection call thrush that is often very easy to treat.

Have a look at this link:

Most woman get this at some point in their lives, even virgins as it is not necessarily passed on by sex. (but could be at times)

If you do have thrush, your doctor will not be able to tell if you caught this through having sex.

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How did you manage to have sex if you are not able to leave your house unescorted? If you didn't have sex, it's not an STD.

Anyway, tell your parents you have a rash and need to go to the doctor.

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Rasha there is a thing called a yeast infection that is not STD that girls get. And sometimes the itching can get really really bad. Or you maybe allergic to the type of laundry detergent you are using. I promise it will make you think you have a STD. Most STD's do not cause any symptoms in girls. Just tell them you think you have a yeast infection or something like that so you can go to the doctor. And please remember to use a condom at all times. It is a matter of life or death.

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wear a condong next time love :}

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