I have sex dreams

I am a 13 year old girl, is it okay for me to have sex dreams, I have them everynight and cant control them, are these normal, what do they mean, what do I do about them, is it weird that I actually like the dreams?

Answer #1

yea its normal we all go through that, and since your body is building up a sex drive your going to whind up liking it

Answer #2

well im 13 too and no its not rite to have those dreams just get sex offur mind before you go to bed

Answer #3

at 13, you’re going through puberty, which is when all the hormones kick in. of course you’re going to be having sex dreams. your body’s developing a sex drive…

Answer #4

its normal when I was 13 I had them a lot I still have them

Answer #5

im quessinq you think about sex a lot. I dont think its normal to have them everynight/

Answer #6

thanks guys

Answer #7

im sure it is normal nad of course you would like them I mean who wouldnt lol

Answer #8

IT IS NORMAL. Millions of people do it.

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