How to find someone to love me?

I am a 36 year old guy and rather unattractive,girls act as if I don’t even exist,I had one girlfriend back in school and that’s about all,I have not had sex in 20 years and I’m so embarrassed and ashamed,I don’t even know how to relate to people in general anymore,I feel like I’m from another planet and I’m trapped in a world that doe’snt want me,I have aged very quickly because of all the bitter hopeless yearning to no avail,depression has devoured my personality,I can’t even remember the last time Iaughed,I feel like I am dying,I now no why god said”it is not good for man to be alone”is anyone out there have a problem like this,and if so have you found a way to ease the suffering or found a way out of here?thanks for all replies in advance-dying young

Answer #1

Thanks for the kind responses so far,but I must admit I have exuasted the hobby/activity alternative,I was a child prodigy musician playing since I was 4,I still play but everyday that passes my interest life and everything in it has become very gloomy and dark,A living hell if you will,I have many good friends but there all guys and they all have girlfriends or are married,I think they enjoy hanging out with me because I revive and remind them of a carefree single life because we always end up doing things that we did when they were single,it takes every ounce of my strength to hold back the pain and try to not let it show,I have tried to socialize with women but alas they avoid me like the plague,I always thought there’s no way I’m that ugly or uninteresting,but time is the antagonist and not the healer in my case,I am really starting to scare myself because there was a time when I thought people that ended they’re own life were just either starved for attention or self centered and vengful or just plain crazy,but now when the thought of ending one’s own life comes to mind I get an intense feeling of relief knowing that I would never again have to live another day like this,or any day for that matter,there’s certainly somthing wrong with me but I’m not crazy,I feel like cain with a mark and a curse opun his existence.

Answer #2

unless you get out and socialize nothing is going to change. I know, easier said than done right. Or if your looking for companionship I’d say turn to a web dating service. Because im posotive theres thousands of women that have the same problem.

Answer #3

Find some good activities for yourself. Hill climbing, kayaking, or playing music, or something that fits to your personality. I am sure you will find some friends, and maybe girlfrieds.

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