I have hair all over my body!

no one teases me yet, but they will and I know it, im not very popular anyways and everyone elready makes fun of me, I dont want to give them another reason to! I am only 13 year old girl and im covered in hair I have loads of my stomach and arms and its all really dark! I cant aford anything to get rid of it forever as my family doesnt have much money, I dont wanna shave it because it will grow back even more noticable!!! when I attempt to wax it always end terrible and I end up all sticky. its helps to know im not the only person with this problem but from everything I've found im the youngest in this persition!

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hi sweetie. Its "normal" its maybe uncommon and unfortunate but it happens. I have a lot of body hair and it can really get you down especially when people make comments. I still get down sometimes but have grown to realise that you cant let it take over your life and people will still like u. My boyfriend loves me and it doesnt seem to bother him. I have dark hair (thin but noticeable) on tummy back- butt lol arms and used to show up bad on my upper lip. Waxing is the best option when you are older and can afford it . Mine started growing and showing up when I was 10-11 so at your age it did too.
I had tests done for thin gs like Polycystic ovary syndrome but do not have it. Ask your doctor about it and make him send you for a scan/ or to another specialist. Not all doctors are clued up about women things but keep persuing it . This syndrome can cause excess body hair and if you have it you can have treatment that may reduce the body hair. I just have a sensitivity to "normal levels of male hormones" unfortunate and genetic apparently. this could be the same with you. I do just advise seeing a doctor to find out if there are any underlying causes . take care x

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don't worry. im 16. I have quite dark brown hair on my head and really dark features, so I have quite a bit of hair everywhere else too. this includes my legs, feet, hands, stomach, back, upper lip. I shave everything. I occasionally pluck my upper lip or wax it because I don't want stubble, but everywhere else I shave, its quick and doesnt hurt. the only thing I would say is if you going to shave your stomach, it might be best to wax especially around the belly button but shave everywhere else,... because that is the most noticeable place for little bits of stubble. my back is sometimes hard to reach but you can just do the bottom half and if you have long hair on your head just wear it down. also im going to be trying veet hair lightening cream on my arms because I don't want to wax them (pain) and I don't want to shave them (stubble)... this cream will moisturise my skin and make my hair slighter lighter also. hope this helped, you'll be fine.

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It could be pocs!!!

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My body is covered with hairs too. I mean "obviously" covered. I have dark hair and I think it looks very unsighty. I even have thick hair on my upper lip. I can't afford electrolysis yet so what I do to make them less obvious is to pluck them. Not all hairs on my upper lip though, some only. I only pull out the terminal hair (the dark,thick ones) and leave the velous (fine) ones.
I also have a very embarassing line of hair on my stomach, which is the reason why I can't wear a two-piece bikini. My boyfriend doesn't mind but it does affect my self-esteem. I've been hairy since I was a kid but not as hairy today. If you're the type who can easily have ingrown hairs, I don't recommend waxing. The best way so far is to shave - but never ever on the face. You'll end up looking like your Dad.

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dun worry im also 13...and I have lots of hair on my legs and arms which are black...
and people stares but sigh we cant help it...

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welcome to the horrors of puberty. sucks doesn't it?

dont panic, its normal, but I understand what you mean about not being able to get rid of it. I recommend using veet...or go to your local drug store and look for hair removers. anything you buy in a store is going to have temporary results, but maybe you can make the hair look less noticeable?

also there is a new little product on TV called "Smooth Away." I was curious and I went out a brought on...found it at Walgreens for about 10$...

it's not bad. it works really well on my legs and arms...not as good on my armpits like it advertises, but again, arms and legs...works great. now the box also comes with a mini one for facial hair...I tried it on my upper lip where I have some very fine hair but hell...I was just curious...it works there too...

why not try "Smooth Away?" might work for you too.

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girl I had hair everywhere. I used to wax places like my legs, arm pits, arms, butt, bikini... I wasnt ashamed of it. im still hairy and I had a boyfriend that doesnt even care of my legs were hairy. maybe if you veet and not shave or wax. but everytime I veet, my hair grows back sooo I don't know what to do.

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is it just dark hair? or is it like fur...
and shaving it wont make it come back and darker than waxing will..
waxing will make it worse.
I dont think shaving does anything.

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thanks everyone! :)

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I get it as well... all over the place. It's not thick or anything but I have really dark(almost black) hair naturally so all my hair grows that way and it's really noticeable!!! So to be honest, I shave. Shaving hair doesn't make it grow back thicker. It also doesn't affect the color or rate of growth. The color, location, thickness and length of hair on your body mainly depend on genetics and hormones.

After you shave body hair, it may feel coarse or "stubbly" for a time as it grows out. During this phase, it may be more noticeable — and may appear darker or thicker. But it's not.


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