I have all the symtoms as if i was pregnant but i never had sex

I have all the symptoms as if you were pregnant but I never had sex can anybody please tell me if what is wrong with me and I had the symptoms for two weeks and it won't go away

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Thanx and r you sur because I get 2 dizzy 2 take a showr so I try 2 take a bath

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Don't worry hun, the stomach feeling bigger is bloating from water retention, it's pretty common a week before and during your period :)

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Thanx and my stomach got bigr than normal and it is a lil hard it Is so weird

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Symptoms of pregnancy are strikingly similar to symptoms of an oncoming period. So it could just be your period coming soon.

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If you are about to have your period, then wait and see if the symptoms go away after the completion of your period. If they don't then definitely go see a doctor since it could be something serious.

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I'm sure it's just your period...

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