Can starving yourself stop or slow your period?

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if you want to be an idiot, yes
but only an idiot would do that just to stp her period
you dont need to start an eating disorder, almost kill yourself, destroy your health, become infertile, lower your life expectancy and cause numerouse health problems as well as becomeing extreely weak just to stop your period
your have to be a complete idiot to try that
just go on birth control if you must
which when prescribed to you can affect when your period comes and if you want to have it at all
or get your tubes tied
and if its just that your afraid of getting pregnancy
grow up, LEARN more about health and sex education
and learn about birth control and contraception

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Yes it can, it can cause you to stop having a period all together and can cause permanent damage to your reproductive system, I.e. you can become infertile.

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yes, it is one of the signs of anorexia...

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Starving will slow and eventually stop All body functions - research safe ways to regulate your period.

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