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What if I have a boyfriend but I like my friend?

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Im 17 and I've known my friend sam* since I was in year 7 (5 yearS) . we are really close and eversince the first time I had feelings for him in year 9, I dont think I've stopped having feelings for him since we always talk about sex and things liek that. we are both attracted to each other in that way. the thing is, I have a boyfriend for 2 years now, and his great, but I still have such strong feelings for sam. sam and I always talk and sex and all that, and one day we did it .. I was still with my bofriend though.

the bottom line is ; I have such strong feelings for sam, buh I dont think he sees me in that way, maybe im just a sex buddy to him, I dont know. I want to tell him how I feel buh I dont want to get rejected or make our friendship relationship akward.. also, I cant say anything rite now because im with my boyfriend.

I dont know what to do !!! ><