I hate my in-laws!

Okay so my brother in law pretended to like me so his brother would buy him stuff and to get me to take him on a trip and pay for him. Then told me lies about my husband to make me mad. Then my satan like mother in law calls me a btch. A whore, and claims that I am pregnant with another mans child. This has been non stop for a year and I am sick of it. My husband does not stick up for me at all. We have talked and talked about this problem yet nothing helps. I am sick of the stuff I have to go through bc of his family. I am tired of being called names while I have been nothing but nice to these a**holes. I am becomming so fed up and talking to them doesn’t work. They are like little kids with potty mouths, even in public. I need to know what to do and what I can say to my husband to make this stop. I am getting so freaking mad!

Answer #1

Honestly, if they were like this before, you should have known better. If your husband seems to care more for his family than you, maybe it’s time to reevaluate how much you really care for this man. Talk with him and see how willing he is to severe ties. no garuntees for anything, just work hard!

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