I hate food, need some advice, please?

I’m 15 I’ve been feeling like this for about a year now, when I was younger, I definatly wasnt the most skinniest kid in school. I felt very self-concious about my weight and when I was 13 I started loosing weight, I was exercising everyday by running and eating healthily.people said I looked good, but I still felt fat I got addicted to loosing more weight so I started eating less and exercising more. my friends and my dad and sister keep telling me how skinny I am, I don’t see the same as them when I look into the mirror, I see fat. I’m 5ft 6 and weight about 8stone. I eat as little as I can and when I eat, I feel guilty and discusted with my-self, so I punnish myself by exercising more. I am constantly looking at myself in the mirror and hate what I see. I havnt told anyone how I feel, I feel embaressed and im afraid what my mum will think. I dont want to feel like this anymore, whats wrong with me, do I have an eating disorder? can someone please give me some advice?

Answer #1

yes, you do have an eating disorder an eating isorder is when you do anything drastic in an attempt to loose weight like not eat or/and constantly exerscise you would have damaged your health quite a bit from doing all this eating disorders can rob you of your health, your fertilty, and even your life so its a good thing youve finally come to your senses and want to stop an eating disorder is nothing to be embarassed or ashamed of the media would have played a great deal in the way you feel about your body after all, we constantly faced with pictures of skinny and underweight girls on everything, magazines, models, in music videos, on tv, in ads, in movies, ect, there on almost everything so its no wonder why so many girls and boys, like you end up thinking there fat and unfortunantly they convince themselves that they are fat, and when they look in the mirror, all they see is fat (fat that most other people would consider as perfectly normal) start by telling your mother if anything she will be glad you told her that way she can offer her advice and support and help you through this from there seeing a doctor and/or nutritionist can help the doctor can calculate your bmi to show you just how noemal or even underweight you are now and the nuritionist can explain how many calores a day you need, why you need to eat that amount, ect good uck and I hope you get the help you need

Answer #2

I was like the same as you. im only 15 and weigh about 87 pounds. I agree with you when everyone says youre so skiiny. I deffinley dont agree with them. I am really and I mean reaaly self concious of my self still to this day. I went a vegetarian because I saw I was ‘gaining weight’ so all I eat is fruits and a salad everyday for dinner. I hate eating all around. but I know I have to eat something during the day. im the same as you, I dont tell anyone about it cause yes im afraid what my moms going to have to say about this,although she knows I barely eat and excerise way to mucch.

Answer #3

mirandaa1234 how tall are you? 87 pounds seems way to skinny for a 15 year old. If you are any taller then 4”8 which you probally are I would recommend talking to a friend, boyfriend or someone you confide in because you seem way under weight and it can hurt your body if not eventually take your life if you are to skinny. Just saying but it seems like your all skin and bones? Not trying to be rude but just worried that you might be taking this to far

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