I had sex and my period came back while having it

im 15 . and I decided to have sex with a boy I have been with for a while. I was off my period for a couple days.. just spotted a little bit. while we were having sex I started to bleed somewhat heavy. is that normal? And I know it wasnt from tearing me because just when he fingered me I started to bleed. but an hour after having sex I quit bleeding

Answer #1

Some times during sex it is possible to come on because of the stimulation. Also depending on how long it is since you last had penetrative sex a girls hymen can re-grow ad so you can infact re-pop your cherry as you guys put it

Answer #2

well actually I think he popped your ccherry when you had sex but bout the fingerin thing not to sure but im for sure 100% that he popped it durin the sex hope it helps xoxo Alexx

Answer #3

okay because my boyfriend was flipping out that I period on him lol. and I felt very embarassed. but I’ve lost my cherry a while ago aftter being raped

Answer #4

Oh, sorry, all I saw was that you’re only 15.

You’re crazy for letting some sex-crazed boy do that to you.

Answer #5

yes hunny its ok I bleed a lot sometimes and I have sex all the time

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