I got my boy friend locked up

my boy friend I got him locked up and he was in there for eight days ok that morn we mad love can’t rember what we were talkin about but he got mad and wanted to leave so he packed his stuff (yes we stay together) so I got mad knew he had warrent for his arrest and called the cops they came lock him up so his bail was 2,000 his mom pid most of it I paid 500$ of it ok he came home he did not want to stay with me but he tells me he loves me and wants to be with me but he wants me to move cause ithrow his stuff out and everyone saw me and if I move we can be together its been 2mos now we still having sex he called me one day said he wanted to come home he came for two days then he left cause he feels like he is not ready to be here but I move on oct 1st he want afresh start should I leave or say cause I feel really stress out he is alaways here every other day checkin my phone asking me if iam seein anyone tellin me all I need to do is go to work and stay in the house ,move and get us back he mite be massin with someone

Answer #1

sounds like you both have MAJOR issues and need to straighten your crap out and GROW UP! Some great relationship huh? Is this how you want it? Only you two can change it!

Answer #2

Why would you want to be involved with someone who’s a criminal? You deserve better than that.

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