How to carry out building a house?

I am 13 and live in california. I know im going to move and go to college in atlanta, georgia. I want to live in buckhead (the rich gated community) with 6 kids and a cop for a husband . I want to give them the life they desire whatever it maybe. I want to be a bakery owner and confectioner. I want to build my own house and even a guest house. I know exactly how I want it to look .my question is, how do I carry out building a house ? help me ppllleeeaaassseee!!!

Answer #1

you know what’s weird, I’m from california and I moved to atlanta when I was 13..

you can’t really plan your life out this, because chances are it’s not going to happen. YOU’RE 13!!! why would you need to know how to build a house?!? you need to actually grow up first before you think about grown up things. enjoy your life as a kid, and worry about that crap later.

Answer #2

plus (and I know this seems hard to believe right now) but your going to change and your ambitions might too. 10-17 is the biggest changing years of your life. I’ve gone through like 15 ideal lives in the last 2 years. and I thought for sure I was going to do every one. so give it some tijme and you’ll probably change.

Answer #3

um maybe your c0p husband c0uld build a house. That s0unds like a l0t 0f hard w0rk!! Go0d luck!!!

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