Why is my hair still flat after a perm?

Ok I just got a perm last night. when my stylist took the rods out my hair was almost flat on the sides bu curly on the back. I was told it takes atleast 28 hours for a perm to settle should I be concerned my hair is flat already? I've had a perm years ago and it held fine, but I don't remember it going flat the next day.

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when you pay for a perm, it should be curly all over, especially since you just had it done. it takes 28 hours for the frizz to settle down not for the curls to appear. my mother in law is a hairstylist. I told her about u, Her suggestion was, go back and have them re-do it properly. or get your money back and go to a reputable stylist who knows what they are talking about. Yes you should be concerned

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This happens sometimes with the new more gentle perm formulas in salons--or if the perm was taken out too soon before it had time to completely process. This time is different for different hair types, very individual, but a good stylist should have some clue about how "done" the hair may be after checking one curl. As far as I know the 28 hours to settle thing is nonsense.

The good news is that the salon should agree to fix the flatness if you call them and explain. The bad news is that you should wait a week before undergoing the process and it will probably result in a bit more chemical damage (all perms cause some).

Hope this helps. I'm a permaholic.


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