I get nervous

I get nervouse doing stuff when ever there is people near me especially near girls I start to sweat a lot and my body temperatures goes off the roof like a fever what should I do ?

Answer #1

Just learn to hang, eventually you’ll get use to it. girls can act like guys, vice versa. So just chill it’s not like anything bad can happen. But if you really want to stay calm just think of something funny or act as if you knew them forever.

Answer #2

I get this too. its normally around the “it” crowds in school. I sweat and go red. I get this when I get changed for PE too. its not nice. just where alo of deodriant. ok

Answer #3

look I get it to when I come past those type of girls. just we plenty of deodriant

Answer #4

doing what? just relax man?

Answer #5


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