What do i do if i get horny and don't know what to do?

I keep geting horny and I dont realy know how to finger myself and I cant get a dildo so I dont know what to do some one help

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exactly what haleigh911 said.
ok..fallow my instructions. lol
make a fist or somewhat, and only keep ur index finger up.
make sure your realy wet and rub your clit up and down fast or slow, i perfer fast.
it will DEFF. get you going and your bound to have an orgasm, or atleast be satisified...and yea, theres nothing wrong with fingering yourself, its fine, i think its pretty weird tht she sed to get a guy off the street, now thts pretty gross.
but yea hope i helped.

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I suggest the end of the hairbrush.it works. but dont use a rubber one without lube or just do it in the shower with the end of a shampoo bottle.

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you can mastur.bate in more ways than fingering yourself...some girls prefer to rub thir clit in a circular motion until they have a orgasm

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im a guy yes but I've been finding new ways to plesure girls and this is has been a favorite its just simply using an ice cube rubbing it on and around your clit and in your vag***
and this works great if you want your vag to taste better for your boyfriend you can add flavors of their favorite drink just no soda or alcohol in it caz that prob would suck hope it helped have fun

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dont listen to help asap. fingering urself is totally normal. dont!!! get a guy of the streets, or just some random guy...thats just called STDS!!
this may sound wierd but if you cant get a dildo and fingering urself is out, then you can always try using the end of a haribrush. i heard that it works.
if you need more ideas just ask me!! :]

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Helpasap is sadly mistaken. It's perfectly normal for girls to mast*rbate. There's no right or wrong way to do it. Some girls use their fingers, others use toys, others use things like pillows. Just experiment and see what works for you.

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well get a cucumber or something make sure it is got lube on tho and other things you want XXhope it helpedd

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i agree with kim2011 exsept about the hair comb ive never tried so cant say what i suggest is when you take a shower if you have a removable shower head with a rope those usually have different setting for the message feel lay back in the tub and find the right massage pressure and lett the water hit your clit you can evan rotate the the shower head in a circular motion to really get a good sensation that will get you to orgasm or if you dont have one of those lay underneath the water faset in your tub put it to the desired strengh you want and let the stream hit your clit you'll you be in for a good ride hope this helps...missv

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you can also use your cell phone when it vibrates

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