How do I care for a baby weasel?

Hey my name is celeste and I found a young weasel this morning. Please help me to care for it. Let me know what you are finding out. Please I’d like too see this little guy live.

Answer #1

Hun i hate to burst your bubble of joy but every baby animal I’ve found died in the first two weeks. They need there mothers care and thats somethin humans can’t always provied sorry

Answer #2

You have to look at websites to see if that could help to find out how to take care of it. Or you can call a place that takes care of pets and if they have an idea of how to take care of baby weasles. Research is key. Good Luck.

Answer #3

well celeste if your good with animals you’d look up online or in the library about what they eat and what they sleep in and play with.

Answer #4

they eat baby chicks. but only parts of them. best way to care for it is drown it slowly.

Answer #5

good luck on your weasel you didnt say how old you think it is well I dont see a prob in you looking after it are you going toput it back when it is older if so dont handle it to much like I did with my own weasel I have 3now and all are pets to tame to go back to the wild but they make g8 little pets they are so playfull an d frienly my little wiz who is the baby of the family sleeps on my pillow at nite when im in bed feed whys give it a gd cat food chicken and mines all love fish gd luck on it and hope all goes well for you

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