I fell propa bad!!! :(

I feel proper bad!!! like: I think I’m fat which I am(at 10st!!!) I think every1 h8s me I think I’m gunna be lonely 4 my whole life I think I’m gonna eat loads tomorrow because I’m guna be by myself (my parents have 2 wrk and it is the hols!) :( :( :( :( please help how do I feel betterr!!!?? I feel I have no friends. I have one boy and 1 girl friend! I feel I’m ugly! I always do! I feel my parents h8 me because they never wanna tlk to me. if I start talking to them they’ll tll me to shut up!

Answer #1

In another question you said that you were athletic now you saying you are fat. Do you just think your fat or other people think you are fat.

Let me tell you this. The more you focus on having to be in a relatoinship to be happy, the more unhappy you’ll get. You gotta focus on yourself and you gotta respect what your parents tell you. Right now you may think your parents don’t know what they are talking about but often when people become adults, you’ll understand why they tell you what they tell you.

Hear them out and reflect on what your parents tell you. Do what makes you feel better as a person. The relationship part of your life will materialize if you can get yourself together.

I’ve been where you are. Hating life, hating my parents, and asking why I girls only saw me as a friend. Things will change if you can change the way you think. Its gotta start with you. If you stop blaming everyelse for your situation, you empower yourself to make the changes you need to be happy.

Answer #2

Im 16 + way 9st,, 10st isnt fat at all. Way 2 make your self feel better is to stop putting urself down. If your parents are telling you 2 shut up when you talk, you need 2 talk 2 someone about how you are feeling and ask them 2 have a word with your parents. Hope this helps :)

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