How can I live more happy

How can I live more happy

Answer #1

listen to positive music hang around positive people dont wear dark colours ALL the time… think about the GOOD things in life try to have a happier or more positive attitude…

Answer #2

My girlfriend was in that somewhat same situation,I cheered up in a certain way. Think of the bright side of life,think about those you make happy and those who make YOU happy. Go to the park and just start playing with a good crowd of kids to make them feel like someone is there to play with them when nobody else will. Chat and hang out with your friends more often.

Answer #3

figure out what hapiness is to you. also consider what your life is lacking and improve it. you can get involved in your community or small groups and meet new, exciting people. search for events in your neighborhood online and try foods you’ve never tasted or even make more time in your life for the people you love. :) don’t forget to enjoy life like a little kid and find joy in the small things it’s all on your perspective too, because you are the one who determines your own happiness

and get good music that you can get swept away with…

Answer #4

thank you all. I am a medical technitian.there are two much work for me. and I can’t do them in good result.that’s the main trouble..All of you are very kind. I will try to adjust my life,but it is a little hard.

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