I fear rejection,should I audition for the next school play?

I reckon I’d be an okay actor, but I really fear rejection and I get kinda self-concious when I have a lot of people looking at me. People have said I should audition for the next school play, and I think it’d be cool to be in it, but I just don’t think I could. What should I do?

Answer #1

if you truly fear rejection then audition for the play. how else do face your fears other then to face them? if you go through life never trying because you don’t want to be rejected then life will pass you by. what if you didn’t try out for the part you were supposed to get because you were so scared that you just didn’t even try? I’m not saying your stupid or whatever because this is something very real to you that you have to face and deal with every day that you wake up. but, if you do audition and you don’t get accepted don’t let that get your self esteem low. take t as a learning tool for life and ask yourself (and the director) what you did or didn’t do that could have been better. just because you get rejected at something doesn’t make you any lesser of a person. with life comes successes and failures. how else are you supposed to appreciate those successes that you will get if you never understand what it means to fail? look, for instance, at famous comedians. they could have bombed horribly and gotten booed off of stage. but, they perservered and now they are living their dream and they made it into a reality. no one can tell you to do this or not do this. it is ultimately your decision. and if you don’t audition then you might miss out on the biggest step you’ve ever taken in life. facing your fear of being rejected. just saying.

Answer #2

Go ahead and audition. If it makes you nervous in front of people just fix your eye on one thing or person and and talk away. Soon as you get into it you will lose your self-consciousness. Good Luck!

Answer #3

I’ve auditioned for plays and it is nerve wracking. Some plays I got into and some I didn’t. I say you go for it, because chances are, you will get into it. You cannot let the fear of rejection withhold you from doing something that you enjoy. And if you don’t get in, it’s not the end of the world. Just dust yourself off and try again (sorry for the aaliyah cliche) but it’s true. Go big or go home.

Answer #4

I dident think I could and it turnd out I was good real good and I got a lead role

Answer #5

do whatever your comforatable doing, I personally would audition

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