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I dont want to gain weight

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I've beeen very lazy so far and I dont want to gain weight, if anything I want to lose weight. but theres no where for me to exercise. I need an exercise that I could do in my bedroom, one that I could do every single day to keep me from being out of shape. and if I lost weight then that would be great too. so basically I need a good and healthy exercise appropiate for a 13 year old. yesterday I ran up and down my stairs whic was 16 steps, I did that 63 times, all the way up and all the way down would count as once. I wanted to keep on doing this exercise but I dont want anyone in my family to seee me doing it. I was home alone yesterday so that is why a got the chance. so know what do I do? im 13 and weigh 116-118. im not sure which. but all I know is is that thats not a very good weight for a 13 year old that is 5' 1' and a half. so please help me, thanks =]