I dont understand gettin fingered help

My boyfriend wants to finger me and I want him to aswel, but im a bit hairy in da place and I cant let him because im ashamed, is there ment ta be hair there when gettin fingered

Answer #1

Fingering? OR removing the hair?

Waxing can be painful but the hair takes longer to grow back. Shaving doesnt hurt but the hair grows back after a couple of days or so.

Fingering. Well, it can be uncomfortable at first if you have never had anything up there before…lol. But I wouldnt say painful.

Answer #2

thats puberty obiously ever girl has hair so you shouldnt be ahashame of yourself there is always waxing or shaving that would solver your problem but its honestly up to you

Answer #3

Theres going to be hair then when you hit puberty. Now its the womans choice if she wants to remove the hair or not. You can shave, wax, trim or be completely natural. Its what you feel is comfortable.

Answer #4

Offcourse, pubery is all about growing pubic hair and growing up, hormal changes, gready hair and spots. Welcome to the life of a teenager!

Get rid of the hair if you want, it’s your choice.

Answer #5

Ya, another question does it hurt

Answer #6

But are you ment ta get rid of it

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