Should i go out with someone new if i'm not over her?

this isn't so much of a question as it is me spilling my guts. I just need to tell someone before I go crasy.

My girlfriend, Emily, basically started avoiding me about two weeks before Christmas, then a few days after she broke up with me. and I was crushed. I got over her.

then she got a boyfriend, and I realized I still liked her, but I got over it again.

then I went out with Kristin, and two days later, Jan 25, I saw Emily kiss her boyfriend. and I am still not over it.

(Fun fact: Kristin broke up with me Feb 13 in a note, but its ok I was going to dump her after valentines day)

Now I like someone else, one of Emily's friends and I don't know what to do.

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Dear wildcat66,
Sounds like you need to stop dating for a while. Try to figure out why you were not successful in these relationships. Of course you will feel something for Emily, she was your girlfriend. As you get older you will realize that being around ex's is a very bad idea. You like one of her friends...well you'll like a lot of people but that doesn't mean you date them. There are some dating rules and one is you don't date an Ex's friend. Stay clear and perhaps work on some communication skills before you date again.
Sue...good luck

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