How do you make the copyright symbol?

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(c) is the copyright symbol. It is just parentheses and a C in the middle. ( C ) Some programs will automatically convert it to the c with a circle around it.

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© = & copy ; NO SPACES

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On a mac: option (alt) + g = ©

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© = & copy ; with NO SPCAES

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go on microsoft words in start and then click on insert in insert click on symbols and pick the copyright symbol and there like this:©

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hold the alt key and type "0169" using the numbers to the right of the keyboard. (make sure the num lock is on).

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In HTML, you type ©, well & copy; without the space.

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On a mac: option (alt) + g = ©

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just type alt+0169 from num lock key board. be sure num lock key is opening.

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