Am i over my ex?

My ex-boyfriend and I broke up about 3 years ago and just recently I've been seeing him a few times with his new girlfriend. It did't bother me. Now I find out that he has gotten her pregnant and it's been driving me crazy. Why now am I getting all jealous when I've been over him for 3 years????

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Well, the fact that it's been 3 years since you've been with this guy shows that there was a strong bond between the two of you, and that might explain why now it'd bother you to see him with another female. My suggestion to you, is to go on and forget about it. yes its easier said then done, but it does help. why not go out with friends, meet new guys, have fun. Keep your schedule busy and as well as your mind. Acceptance is a long run but soon you'l realize there's nothing to change what has become. And it won't bother you anymore, and you'll be glad your not in their position. There was a reason for the break up, and don't forget it. It's a phase that you're going... But if it seems to bother a lot and it gets more intense, the problem may be deeper then an ex from 3 years ago. You might want to talk things out with a trusted relative or friend.

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Because your ex's girlfriend is pregnant deep down you might feel rejected if you're not in the same position. Having a child will join a part of them together forever, which might be why you're suddenly feeling jealous about it. It's only natural to feel this. Try listing all the reasons why it was good that you broke up with your ex and it might help to forget about him again :) it would proabaly also help if you didn't see him until you get all the jealousy out fo your system. Whatever you do, good luck!

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