I cant tell her!

I live with my mum and step dad howeva I still havent told my mum that I’ve started my periods I also may have pcos my periods are so heavy and irregular and also im growing hair on my body which I regully shave off and I’ve been gaining weight im really scared hoe can I tell her please help! Alice xox

Answer #1

What makes you think you have PCOs? They’re uncommon especially in girls so young.

Answer #2

Why are you scared to tell her?

She’s surely expecting it…all little girls grow up.

Answer #3

You should just tell your mom. she shouldnt be so surprised that your starting.

its ok your growing hair, its just your whacked out hormones. [not saying your hormones are any diff from any other grlz]

your weight issue: you could just be bloated

Answer #4

Getting your period is nothing to be ashamed of it happens to every woman! If you feel that something is wrong you need to tell you mom , its important to have regular check ups with you doctor. I don’t wanna scar you but HPV is a virus that girls can get at an early age and it can cause cancer. You may be having problems because something is wrong. Tell your mom and she will say you need to see you DR.

Answer #5

Some ideas:

Tell your Mom Upfront and in Person: Get your mom alone. It could be while she’s folding the laundry or putting earrings in. Try not to do it when she’s trying a new recipe or attempting to get your screaming little brother in the car. Pick a time when she’s calm and relaxed. Tell her that you have important news to share with her. Say, “Mom, I got my period” and smile to let her know you’re happy by the news. Most moms will be calm and congratulate you! If, for some reason your mom isn’t there, tell your dad. Most dads know all about it, so don’t hold things back just because he’s a guy!

Write a Note: Leave your mom a note. It can read something like, “Mom, today I got my period!! Maybe we can get supplies at the drugstore later? I love you.” Put the note somewhere she (and only she) can find it. A good place would be in her makeup drawer or under her pillow.

Send a Text Message: If you have a cellphone with text messaging capabilities, and your mom is out, you could send her a text message such as “I got my period. Could you please bring home some pads or tampons? Thanks. I love you.”

Go Shopping! If you really find it difficult to speak to your mom (or if you live, for whatever reason, with your dad or a male relative), go grocery shopping with them. When you reach the toiletries/sanitary section of the store, pick up some pads or tampons and put them in the basket. They will get the message, and realise you are really growing up. They will probably speak to you when you get back home, so be prepared for this, but this is a really good way to open up the lines of communication on what can be an embarrassing issue for some girls.

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