I cant choose which girl!

ok so I need help because im a 17 year old kid going into his senior year at high school. there this girl who is 15 going into 10th and she likes me shes more like a holister girl who likes to spend money.I had a thing for her for a while and what not it sort of ended but now I sort of do again! we hung out tonight kissed and stuff and we were close I like her. but there this other girl im into “metal” music and so is she shes a lot more like me and shes my age I find her really sexy but she says she wants to be friends first and give it time and she told me just to wait it out and see where it goes. which do I go for cause ethier way the other gurls going to get screwed over. :[ unless I slowly break it off with the one girl and go for the girl thats more like me! but what if that failss! help me please

Answer #1

okay.. I think you should weigh things out. thing about who you can relate to the most,.. who you would be the happiest with.. and take the jump.

and if you cant decide between the two then niether is for you.

Answer #2

go with the second one. the 15 year old is just a booty call, and a little girl as well, so she’s going to be b!tchy whether you’re with her or not. and also you say she’s attached to you like she’s attached to the mall? she’s most likely just using you to show off to her friends. waiting a little bit is worth it if you don’t end up with a short-term spaz in the end.

also, when I was in hs and even now I and many others hate when sophs and freshies go out with seniors and college guys. it’s nasty.

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