I can't stand my parents any longer!

My boyfriend broke up with me last month. But it was his friend that broke us up. Before I found that, I told him that if he wants me back he’ll have to change.Well, we started talking again about three weeks ago. He has really changed, A LOT! He’s a totally different person, which I’m so happy! We got back together, 14 days ago. My parents are telling me not to hangout with him. But, me,my cousin,and her friend went to the mall and he met us there. My parents must of had someone watching me. Cause they found out. They said if I do it again I won’t be able to go anywhere besides school and home. They don’t understand anything, I couldn’t be any happier!


Answer #1

He use to make me upset or mad sometimes. He’s not like that anymore. He doesn’t have a bad temper. How he use to be is gone. But my parents would never believe me. I’m going to my councelor Friday. She actaully understand me, more than my parents do.

Answer #2

Tell them that they can come with you two somewhere, they will realise how nice he is and let you breathe, but if that doesn’t work just explain to them that he would never hurt you, and you would never let him, and that he has made you the happiest you have ever been!

Good Luck, Lucy

Answer #3

maybe you could invite him over for dinner sometime and then your parents can see that he has changed and maybe they will change there feelings towards him…dont be mad at your parents I think that they are just trying to protect you because you are there daughter and they only want the best for you and they dont want to see you hurt I hope this has helped good luck savanna

Answer #4

what did he do to make your parents so upset with him ?

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