Who's a good plastic surgeon for my ugliness?

Please confirm that I am ugly and that all hope is lost for me. Please recommend plastic surgeons especially ones that have a monthly payment plan.

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Are you fishing for compliments? I hate to ask that but I'm thinking that you must have a low self esteem. Obviously, you're not ugly and no surgeon, in his right mind, would ever see you as a patient.

If you had a different hairstyle, with maybe some fluffy bangs but still keep your hair short, that would be so cute, but I wouldn't change anything else. Just add a smile and you're adorable.

I would suggest a good Psychologist rather than a Plastic Surgeon.

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your not ugly I would love a smile like yours, you have great teeth and radiant glowing skin you deffiantly don't need plastic surgery your pretty the way you are hun :)

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Actually Amy, I am in the fashion industry and I think you are gorgeous, and I think you have the face of a model! Dont ever put yourself down like that. God made you who you are for a reason, and you have very gifted looks! Be happy that you are pretty!

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Dear uglyamy,
I'm going to suggest a good counsellor. You are experiencing a self-esteem problem and going under the knife isn't going to help this. What will help is some therapy.
Sue...good luck

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one your not ugly and
two: why would you want plastic surgery so many people are getting it to make themselves look better even ppl that dont need it...be unique dont sink that low

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all deez pple iz lian to u so im juz gone keep it real..n u might not like it but u asked so ima tell u cuz datz wat i do..but yea u iz ugly u ugly az hell!!!!!!!!!

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You are soooo NOT ugly! Why on earth do you think you are?? You have great bone structure and a beautiful smile and if anyone says you're ugly, they are two fries short of a Happy Meal!

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OMG ur NOT ugly u hav a lovlee smile that radiates goodness dont ever let eni1 make u feel ugly ur sooooooooooo not
+ i dnt agree wit plastic surgery

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i agree! you are NOT ugly! i am worse than shrek and my girlfriend love me. explain that???? seriusly tho. going under the knife can make stuff worse. as long as people love you for who you are. then why do you worry?.

remember to love yourself for who you are. and dont bother looking up to these celeb's. no-one really cares about weather jordon has the biggest boooobies! they are nice tho but. you are what you are. but only go ahead it you are 100% sure.

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Your not ugly!
You are pretty,

PS I think longer hair would compliment your face shape. But your hair cut is cute!

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I don't think there's a plastic surgeon out there that could help you.

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