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caring box, what should I put in it?

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It's been a long week. On October 13 my best friend, Jetamio, was murdered and another, Diamond, ended up in the hospital in critical condition. So I haven't really had time for surfing the net. I am making a caring box for Jetamio's sister because she took in the 5 children of Jetamio's. They went from a 1 child household to a 6 children household overnight.

That is why I want to do the caring box. I already make one. It has cleaning supplies and shampoo and soap and trashbags in it. Stuff that they will need! I want to do a them box each month for them. What ideas do you have? I had the ideas for jumkfood box, baking box (bread, bisquick, sugar, etc), a cocoa box with mix and mugs for all of them for December, a box of socks (I know how the kids go through socks!) but I would like more ideas.

Any that you can think of would be appreciated!