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I am actually going to cry once again.Im sick and tired.

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had my bag nicked today and they took my phone and my money and dumped the bag. I was jut finally getting off to sleep just now and I realised my camera that my boyfriend bought me was in there aswell and now I cant sleep again :'( I'm so emotionally drained and tired but im filled with fear and I actually feel physically sick now. WHY THE HELL DO PEOPLE DO THIS? CAN'T THEY MAKE A DECENT LIVING LIKE EVERYONE ELSE!!! I'm so angry and upset, and I have to try and see if I recognise the man that took my bag amongst all these photographs down the police station tomorrow. And who knows I may even have to go to court? I just want it all to be over for good. I'm at an absolute all time low and there are bad things happening to me and my family all the time, it just seems like its one thing after the other. And things just don't seem to be looking up at all. I'm really scared about going out again. I know it only happened earlier today but im still in shock. the way im feeling atm I just wish I could fall asleep and never wake up. life would be so much more peacful.