Does any one have hypothyroidism besides me?

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Seemingly, nobody has it on our site - or admits to it, or knows about it...I'm sure your doctor made the diagnosis, they'd probably be the BEST person to ask about common symptoms, side effects, etc...and I'm sure they told you some of this in your that's the way it works, eg, they wouldn't tell you that you have a condition without explaining some of it, right? :)

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I have hypothyroidism, and I've had it for a few years actually but I just now saw this question ^_^ well I am on the medication levothyroxine which helps regulate my thyroid, and as far as what it has done to me, it just makes me tired a lot and sometimes effects my appetite. But for the most part, it was only truly awful in the beginning before I knew what it was :) Thankfully hypothyroidism actually has medication that can help it regulate properly.

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I have it, was born with it. So it's really just become something I have to live with. But it's nice to know I'm not the only one out there wanting to know if I'm the only one..,

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Being a sufferer of hypothyroid is ow full, we keep on putting weight and all the things started irritating you, but thanks to medicines and few remedies which I have seen at will help you keep maintained and happy.

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