Is it possible to keep your hymen intact and have sex?

is it possible to have s*x and still have your hymen and not get your cherry popped?

Answer #1

Most likely no. The hymen is extremely thin and is often broken when a girl first starts using tampons, without her even knowing. So the likelihood of it not happening during a girl’s first time is well, unlikely.

Answer #2

As nada said, it’s unlikely. Girls often tear their hymens during childhood or puberty from things like tampons, fingers, running, or jumping. Since there is usually little or no pain when the hymen tears, many girls don’t even realize it happened.

However, some girls do have a really durable and stretchy hymen that can just move out of the way without tearing to allow a penis to enter. So while it is unlikely to have an intact hymen after having sex, it is possible.

Hymens do not do anything anyway, so it does not matter how and when it tore. If you had sex, then you are not a virgin, whether your hymen is intact or not.

Answer #3

only if the is my ex hubby then yeah you will still have it.. lol hahahahahahahahahahaahhaha

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