electricity to process to get the hydrogen MORE efficent?

How is using electricity to process to get the hydrogen MORE efficent than just powering a car with electricity? Why was the electric car killed? Why did the people who came up with this idea of “fuel cell vehicles” come up with it at the same time GM was killing its electric cars? Just because petroleum is there, why do we have to use it?

Answer #1

The war in Iraq is all about oil. Oil runs the american economy and people need it. If you want everyone to get an electric car, that would cost billions of dollars and no one will be willing to do it. The are cars that run on electricity and even water; the H-O-H bond is somehow transfered into H-H-O bond (I think this is it) which has enough power for a vehicle. Electricity would cost a lot, a car does a lot of work and you’d probably need a battery bigger than the car itself, but with water transformed you keep the same size. Briefly, the governement wants to make $. Once we have no more petrol, they will announce the electric car. There’s always a plan B.

Answer #2

Some one already had made a better battery, that holds a much greater charge, and at a cheaper price. Plus, it is much smaller that the battery they were using in their cars. If you do not know what you are talking about, don’t answer the question.

Answer #3

It isn’t more efficiant, that’s why you don’t see hardly any on the streets.

Answer #4

They killed it because of the costs of the battery, the need for constant battery recharges, the time it took to recharge the batteries… they simply didnt bother to develop the technology to address these issues…

They could make cheaper electric cars, and once we run out of fuel people will… It’s just going to take time…

Answer #5

Do you see anyone using electric cars??? If you see one, good luck. It is not viable, hydrogen-fuel cars may be the next big thing.

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