Husband/ex-wife dilemma

My husband of nearly eight years told me he wants to paint his 16 year old daughter’s room… at his ex-wife’s house. He knows I am not happy with this but insists there is nothing wrong with it and is obviously planning on doing it. We’ve had issues before with him wanting to do things “for his daughters” at his ex-wife’s house. As an aside, his ex-wife has always hated me and he has never done anything to help the relationship between her and me. Looking for unbiased opinions here…

Answer #1

I completely agree with the person above. If nothing is going on then he should have no problem with you going. Good luck!

Answer #2

Seems like you have trust issues with your husband. Why is that? Has he given you any reason not to trust him? You may need to look inside yourself and ask yourself what really is bothering you when he goes to his ex-wife’s home to do things for his daughters.

Why don’t you go with him and give a hand? Who cares if the ex-wife hates you? You’re his wife now and you have the right to be with him and do things with him together. Try to put this mistrust/jealousy aside and focus on your relationship, your marriage. Couples do things together. Get involved with your step-daughters’ lives. Even if they don’t like you, you are at least showing that you care, and that’s important in your husband’s eyes. Be part of each others lives. Maybe then you’ll see for yourself that you have nothing to worry about in the first place.

Answer #3

Oh boy… me going with him will NEVER, EVER happen! Saying this woman hates me is an understatement! There is absolutely NO WAY she would EVER let me in her house (she told her kids I was banned from her street, for Pete’s sake!). As for trying to get involved with the step-daughters, been there, done that, failed miserably courtesy of the ex-wife and my non-supportive husband. And I know that the daughter would so not appreciate my “helping”.

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