Why did it hurt when my boyfriend sucked on my clitoris*?

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He either sucked it to hard or didn't know what he was doing. Either way, tell him to at least take it slow and be gentle, the clitoris is a very sensitive spot and if you're not aroused before hand and the clitoris isn't lubricated then there's a high chance it will hurt.

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I agree with Miguel in that he either doesn't know how to OR may be he did it too hard. I normally play it with my fingers to get it exited before I venture down to speak french. That normally brings her to a big O.
Cheers & Happy Endings!

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If one watches the Nina Hartley instructional video of giving a woman head, she refers to an expression that, "licking sucks" but that "sucking rocks" - from what she said in the instructional video, and from the responses one can see from the benefactor of her efforts, it seems that some women prefer it whenever the cl1t is treated as a tiny version of a c0ck.

Either way, pre-supposing that the person who wrote the question on this topic, those who read it or might view it, are of the age of consent in their appropriate jurisdiction, I answer this question as: good chance the guy had not a clue, or didn't work on things enough to produce enough lubrication to have the woman feel comfortable. The woman might want to find a lubricant that has the taste/scent/is able to be licked/eaten/swallowed, that can be utilized by the partner who is providing this for her.

Also, the woman probably wants to make certain that she's well hydrated before "activities" anyway.

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okay, thank you guys a lot :) i'll tell him to be more gentle and go slower.

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It is a VERY sensitive area...obviously, he has to be really gentle.

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