How do I make my dog start humping?

how do I make my dog start humping.

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Answer #2

why would you want to do that?thats stupid well if so then get stuffed animals.

good luck


Answer #3

my dog started humping once I got him a stuffed toy, lol. then I got him fixed and he still humps, so once he starts he pretty much won’t stop.

Answer #4

why would you want to do that for like seriously are u on something or what!! ones he starts humping hes not going to want to stop and will get annoying trust when I say that but anyways if your going to do that then yeah get him a big stuff animal and also he will start to have urges ones hes old enough to have them. goog luck and have fun man!!

Answer #5

If he is a male and old enough he starts naturally. ??Most people want their dog to STOP humping. It’s funny about twice then not.

Oh well. Good Luck!!

Answer #6

I hope he’s not a St. Bernard…THAT would be annoying…and possibly deadly.


Answer #7

Why would you want to do that?

Answer #8

get him a stuffed animal dogs will hump those all day

Answer #9

dear god why?

Answer #10

I would love 2 no 2

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