Would you rather get hugs or kisses from your crush?

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Kisses :)

new crush

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kisses they are better

He never kisses me
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Hugs, I'd die from a kiss, thus, defeating it's purpose lol.

While hugging him...?

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Hahahaha, I think I'll reveal my slightly frigid side and say hugs ^_^

What does having a dream about hugging your crush mean?
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I am a hugger

What to do about my crush?

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Oh yeah, that I could work with!!!! :3

Crush and ex alurt

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When you're hugging... ?
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id rather get spanked.. haha jk.

How to hug if you are shy?
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No kidding! I'd melt and rot into the ground and flowers would bloom right there! Yep, I'm timid and get overwhelmed real easy haha!

What would a "plutonic hug" be?
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haha awww :) thats adorable!!! :D:D

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Hahahah, I find it weird to kiss someone who I'm not actually in a relationship with (unless its like a pec:P)

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Anything would kill me from my crush lol, if it's like a real kiss, I'd die from being overwhelmed, if it's just a pec, I'll die of starvation! I'm a sad case really lol...

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Thats not sad at all, i still get butterflies when i kiss my boyfriend haha sometimes there a bit rabid though.

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Awww :) now that's cute!!! I think I might have poor impulse control with kissing haha...

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What do you mean by that?

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It means he can't stop what he does when he kisses :P :)

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Well, I dunno when I would be able to stop kissing lol. More defined by me :)

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KISSES r soo muchh betterrrrr thoo WHo doesnt love getting a hug eh?>

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KISSES r soo muchh betterrrrr thoo WHo doesnt love getting a hug eh?>

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Ditto :P

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haha aww but thats not bad :) well depending on the situation haha i get the same way though :) when you really like someone kissing them is like a high in itself it's amazing :) why stop? haha

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huggies... u cant beat the love from a hug.

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I would want to get BOTH... but sometimes its impossible to get both..

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both cant have one without the other.. x

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i wud lik both at da same time

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Lol maybe a hug cause unless I know them inside and out,no kisses thx!

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i like kisses but on one condition,from my gf.lol.no one else. and when am upset,i call my all best friends,i tell them all what happen and then they all give me warm hugs..it feels very lovely to get hug that time.am not lying to get attention of ppl here,there,s no thing best as your best friends who take care for you.really.

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soo kisses i meen who would never liked to never be kissed?

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hugs. :)

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Ummmmmm........thats hard :(

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Kissing is great, but a hug is affection you can share with anyone.
I can't kiss my friends, but I can hug them really tight and the love there feels strong (:

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I rather get more than that. I rather have a relationship in California and move there so I dont have to stay here in Ohio

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both for sure. i love both of them

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both for sure. i love both of them

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