Hugh Heffner

Do you think Hugh Heffner is a dirty old man or was truely in love with the girls of the playboy mansion???

Answer #1

I dont think hes in love with any of them, but he has the money etc. hes old enough to be their grandfather wch is dirty haha

Answer #2

I think he was and is a lucky old man! :(

Answer #3

Most of the girls…Lust.

Answer #4

I don’t know really. I belive that love comes in all different shapes and sizes and you shouldn’t blow him off straigh away and call him a pervert as some people fall for younger people. Although that said he DOES only go for big breasted blndes about 50 years his senior!!

Answer #5

I think he was in love with holly and didnt want her to leave but he new she wantedkids and what not…the other girls im not sure

Answer #6

Hef had vision and drive when he was young. He found a way to make money. He really didnt love like he says. He had feelings for many of the girls but not much love. I think he loved Kimberly conrad. But everyone else was just for his pleasure. He could not stand women with any kind of age. He hated older women.

Answer #7

I think he was a totally egoistic, self-focused man.

When he discovered how to make enough money to live the way he wanted to, he did just that - surrounded himself with luxury and pretty girls, and created a world where everything centered on him, period.

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