How to get rid of muffin tops?

I work out twice a day and am quite slim, except for my muffin tops - how do I get rid of them?? I have tried sit ups and stuff and don’t pig out on food. Help!!

Answer #1

haha lol same prob here I lost about 5 pounds thugh but it took like a week of straight exercise everynight for an hour if you go on my page on youtube in my favs there should be a vid that says absolutley perfect abs or something anyway I have been doing that + 12 like pulls of weight on the multigym 10 mins on the cross trainer and drink a lot of water and my stomach is a lot firmer and flatter even if the scale says I only lost 5 pounds

Answer #2

lay down on your back and fully extend your feet then bring it back to your chest but you must do it a lot kkk

Answer #3

No way!

Answer #4

Get bigger jeans!

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