How young can your dog get pregnant at?

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Breeding dogs is not a complicated matter! God made them to be able to birth puppies naturally. With most dogs, you can just leave them alone... they know what to do! Your dog can get pregnant as early as 6 months old, but you should not attempt to bread until they are fully developed, (about 2 years old)...

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"Adolescent" dogs as young as five months can get pregnant. For many reasons, it is important to spay or neuter BEFORE the first litter is born - before 6 months.

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They can get pregnant as early as 6 months old! You want to make sure that does not happen. The best and healthiest thing you can do for your puppy, is to get her spayed, before that happens. It is very dangerous, because she is still a puppy, and not at all, fully developed yet and she could die during delivery. Breeding is a very serious responsibility, and should only be done by a responsible, experienced breeder. If you don't know exactly what is involved, what you are doing, what to do, to assist the mom and the puppies during delivery, how to handle an emergency {complication}, during a delivery, and so much more, then you will be risking the life of your female and her puppies.

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any dog can get pregnant at between 5-8 months old. it is healthier for you either have the dog spayed, or wait to breed her at 2-3 years old, when her maternal instincts are fully formed. my friends dog got pregnant in her first at 5 months and starveed her puppies to death because she didnt know what to do with them

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My dog is always tired sleeping and not eating only resting is she pregnant ?? please help me I really want to know she is only 9 months old

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I have a 1 1/2 yr. old male dog and a 5 mn. old female dog / puppy, if the year old had sex with th e five month old pup could she get pregant

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I have a Bichon Frise at the age of 10months, I didnt know she went into heat, until the I saw her mating with the dog next door.. Now she is prenant, I've talk to a Vet and was told she may not make it through her prenancy because of her age.. Thats my biggest fear, the thought of losing her. My question is whats the percentage of her dying? And what would be the best way of supporting her during the prenancy?

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I've delivered several puppies before. I've delivered puppies from a young mother recently, without any complications,with the mother dog being 8 months old. The new mother has cared for these pups appropriately and still no complications. Though I do not recommend you to breed your dog at such a young age, say 5-6 months old because mentally they cannot take the responsibility. A dog can go into heat around 5 months old, and can get pregnant. You have to be careful when it comes to breeding your animal.

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Alright, I've delivered several litters from new mother dogs. I've delivered puppies as from a dog who was 5 months old. It's not good for your dog to have puppies at such a young age, not that their not mature enough on the inside, but mentally they cannot take the responsibility of puppies when they are a puppy themselves. I highly recommend to wait until your puppy is at least a year before breeding. Though I've seen new mothers of the age 7-9 months take care of puppies that young. Be cautious when handling the younger pregnant dogs.

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pretty young, a family freind of ours puppy of about 2 years got pregnant and had 9 puppies!!

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I have a female dog who is about 3 months, and I have a male dog that is about a year and a half, I want them to have puppies in the future not at the moment, I have noticed, my female dog to be getting larger in the stomache and softer in the breast area, could she be pregnant? If not how can I stop her from getting pregnant?

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